North Cider or South Cider?

Over the last term it has been a great joy to spend time with our City Dwellers on a Tuesday night – studying the Bible together, sharing meals, praying for one another and talking about our interactions with those who don’t yet know Jesus.
Some people have travelled for 90 mins or more on public transport because they know the value of meeting outside of the Sunday gathering and are committed to being part of a gospel community in the city.
Before Christmas we plotted a map showing where we all gather from and discovered that, for the first time, we are split evenly between North Siders and South Siders. Our desire then became to multiply into the south of the city. Next month, by God’s grace, we will make that a reality!
We have a new location, leaders, a core team, and we are getting ready to send them off.
As we prepare for this move it is crucial that we continue to pursue the evangelistic desire that has so marked the last term. We must continue to cultivate and deepen relationships with those outside the family of faith. We must be lavish in our generosity as we seek to serve and encourage one another in our walks with Jesus.
Both groups will be smaller as a result of this move. The north side group will feel the absence of their south side brothers and sisters – but that is all the more reason to seek to fill those chairs! Similarly, the south side group has a whole new neighbourhood to speak into, with new needs to address and new friends to make.
On the 1st and 8th of February, this new group will meet socially in their new location to restate our commitment to mission and to pray for this new beginning. If you would like to be part of this south side group (meeting 10 mins from the Bluebell Luas stop on the Red Line), please get in touch with to express your interest.