Community Groups

Community Groups are central to the life and mission of City Church. They’re a messy community of ordinary people working out what it means to be devoted to Jesus, to one another, to our neighbours and our city. We discuss the Bible, we eat, we pray, we share our lives.

From September, City Church Dublin will have 3 Community Groups located around the city.

Every week is the same format; we gather and discuss the chapters that we have been reading throughout the week. We are currently working our way through the “Read Scripture” app, which is available on both IOS & Android platforms. There is also a PDF copy of the reading plan. If you’re new to Community Group, just come along; listen, learn and engage in the conversation.


The West Side Community Group

The West Side Community Group is easily accessible by the 25A & 25B buses that run from the city centre. For other bus routes, please check the Dublin bus website.


The North Side Community Group

This location is easily accessible via the 40 Bus from the City Centre.


The South Side Community Group

The South Side Group is easily accessible via the Dart line South, and also via Dublin Bus via Lines 4 & 7