Does Ireland need the Gospel?

(Warning this post contains strong language)


Today we are broken hearted for the city we love as people took to the street to advocate for the destruction of little men and women in the womb. Dublin was brought to a stand still as protestors marched on international women’s day to repeal the 8th amendment.

The following are slogans from the march, we do not share these to shock or to pass judgement but rather to weep and to call our brothers and sisters everywhere to prayers for the city and country we love.

Slogans included:

  • May the foetus you love be gay
  • Keep your rosaries off my ovaries
  • Keep your theology off my biology
  • Not all vaginas belong to women. Keep your language inclusive
  • Not the church not the state, women must decide their fate
  • Thou shalt not mess with a woman’s reproductive rights (Fallopians 4:28)
  • If I wanted the church in my vagina I would fuck a priest
  • Hoes before embryos
  • My body my choice
  • My body my rules
  • Think outside my box

May we never be in doubt that Ireland desperately needs the gospel of the liberating grace of the Lord Jesus.