City Church is moving


I know I’m in the minority, but I much prefer winter. I love an open fire and a glass of something warming (preferably single malt) while the wind howls outside. As far as I’m concerned, summer is overrated! I would much rather be too cold than too hot and from a ministry point of view, summer is a fallow time of year here in Dublin. Especially when you’re a young church full of students who go home and leave you with the drunken guy at the back heckling your sermon (true story).

Bring on the winter, I say!

At the start of September, City Church Dublin celebrated its first birthday! We spent the evening celebrating God’s goodness to us in Jesus, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to ourselves and eating lots of cake. Personally, I celebrated having the City members back and gearing up for another year together. Now, we are well into October and we are excited to see who else God is bringing into our little church family.

In addition to meeting new people, we are moving to a new place! We announced a few weeks ago that we are partnering with Dublin Christian Mission to rent their building at Chancery Place on a Sunday morning. The building is right beside the Four Courts and close to the Luas line.

The City Dwellers (members) met there on Tuesday night and saw the building for the first time. We also spent some time praying for the move, asking God to use our presence in the building for the growth of the gospel and praying for the surrounding area. We launch in our new venue in a few weeks’ time (details to follow).

This winter we are praying big prayers and looking to the next 5 years of City’s life. We feel like we are on the cusp of a significant season in the life of the church and have a growing conviction that things will never be the same again. Obviously this is very exciting but comes with its own unique set of challenges. At the moment our preaching series is in the book of Acts and time and again we are confronted with the sovereign rule of the risen Jesus. As a church we want to keep our eyes firmly fixed on that heavenly reality as we, by his grace, have many more winters together.