The Heart of City

City Church Dublin is a church plant in Dublin city centre planted by Immanuel Church Dublin and Irish Church Missions. It is situated on the north side of the city where roughly 300,000 people live, many of whom do not know the Lord Jesus.

City’s desire is to make Jesus known in the city of Dublin. At City, we are committed to three foundational principles:

Preaching that seeks to transform

We believe that when the Scriptures are read and explained faithfully, by the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s voice is heard. Thus, expository Bible preaching is right at the heart of all we do together. By preaching through books as diverse as Song of Songs and 2 Thessalonians, it is our prayerful hope that people’s “hearts would burn within them” [Luke 24:32] with love for God and others, and that they would be equipped for the building up of the body of Christ [Ephesians 4:12].
At City we often say that God is infinitely interesting, and our preaching seeks to foster that devotional curiosity!

The pastors are not afraid to explore every aspect of the Bible. During our time at City we discovered that it is more than a book of moral lessons but a rich and relevant story. Kieron and Mark never dumb things down but challenge us to think differently and explore new ideas… even uncomfortable truths. City Church Dublin has made a significant impact on our marriage, how we think about God and how we relate to other people. (Zach and Erica)

Discipleship that stretches the believer

Paul exhorted Timothy to watch his life and doctrine closely [1 Timothy 4:16]. We’re excited by biblically driven, vibrant knowledge of the living God, where doctrine is held dear and the gospel imbues our whole lives. This shapes our corporate meetings, small groups, one-to-one work and our regular informal times around a meal. Our core group often use the word ‘family’ to express their experience of discipleship in City.

I joined City when I moved to Dublin for college last September. I was wary at first of new people and strange surroundings but the atmosphere was relaxed and I soon felt part of the community. I was surprised how easily I was able to talk to them about my faith. That was something I was not used to doing at all. Now my first year with City has passed, my faith has strengthened and I feel better able to explore what it means to be a Christian. (Dan)

A community sent to bless the City

Jesus said a city on a hill cannot be hidden [Matthew 5:14] Our community is purposeful, not simply being a sanctuary to which Christians can retreat but a gathering of outward-looking believers, welcoming non-Christian friends and family and looking to the wider good and cultural transformation of Dublin city. We want others to see our good works and give glory to our Father in heaven.