A Little Leaky Love Cup

Leaking cup

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a cup? Cups exist in their cupboard community with other cups of various shapes and sizes, their quiet lives orientated towards one thing… fulfillment. They long to be filled with coffee, tea or the occasional hot chocolate. Without this they become nothing, hollow shells with only the odd stain as a reminder of what they once were.

We often think of ourselves as though we are cups. Where our needs and longings are only met when our little cup is filled with love, joy, acceptance, stuff, power, spouse, money, sex. Being full of these things is our idea of Heaven. Hell therefore, is the feeling of emptiness when those things inevitably run dry, leak away or evaporate. In this understanding, God would simply exist to fill our cup with whatever our hearts desired. Like a bearded, over qualified butler!

Yet the Bible sees us not as cups designed to be filled but as mirrors designed to reflect the glory of the God who created us and by doing so we find the source of unceasing joy!

However, this is not the way things are. Back in the garden, our first parents sinned, meaning they willfully smash their mirror and used the broken shards to reflect themselves instead of God and so has the rest of humanity ever since. Like Narcissus who became so obsessed with his own image that he wasted away, our sin turns us in on ourselves and ultimately leads to death.

The solution therefore is not to be ‘filled’ but to be put back together; to be oriented back towards our creator that we might image him to the world. This is what the Bible calls sanctification: being made every day, little by little, piece by piece, into the image of Jesus Christ, the one who “is the image of the invisible God.”